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Remembering South African musician and activist Johnny Clegg

Although she worked for MGM for 15 years, she suffered from alcoholism and mental health issues that made it difficult for her to meet the expectations of her contract. After her MGM contract was terminated she went down a new path.

Nonetheless, it was an artistic triumph for Garland, who was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress. Reviews were laudatory toward Garland, and the film as a whole won virtually unanimous praise.

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Life Before Birth

This forum has been closed. She saves Norman Maine from embarrassing himself after he bursts on stage where an orchestra is playing by making him seem like he was part of the act.

Maine is then inspired to help Blodgett, and the two of them later star in a musical together. But when her career begins to soar, his continues to decline, forcing her to choose between growing her career or saving him. Even though the character she plays experiences a lot of success, throughout her career Garland struggled with the pressures of being a lifelong star.